Improvisation of cadenzas in a classical solo concert

The improvisation and composition of cadenzas leads to creativity, own musical expression, improved stage presence and individuality. Dealing with the subject helped me a lot to become freer and more coherent when interpreting compositions.

At the time of the Viennese classical period, it was common for soloists to improvise the cadenzas in solo concerts off the cuff. They played freely with the motifs of the concert, were able to modify them as desired, reconnect them and develop them further. However, they also had to observe rules. Today improvisation of cadenzas is mostly foreign to musicians. Our course revives this tradition and conveys rules for these improvisations. It is only a small step from improvising the cadenzas to their written fixation in the form of notes. The writing of cadenzas succeeds in the interaction of spontaneous inspiration and knowledge of harmony and structure. With such experiences, the interpretation of written cadences becomes even more coherent, because the musician has gained a new understanding of the matter. He has experienced the improvisational element and can perform concert cadences from this spirit almost improvised. And if you dare to improvise the cadenzas in the concert, you will refresh the audience and the teammates, offer unheard of musical liveliness and, moreover, let the composed parts of the concert appear in a new context.